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viveca theresa

Viveca Theresa Göcke
Skin Therapist, Phytotherapist USA, Sweden
Ayurvedic Health Advisor, USA
Master Aromatherapist, USA
Basic Medical Education
Biological Perfume

All Theresa products have been
developed by Viveca Theresa Göcke
since 1990.

Practical testing on clients, genuine
knowledge, experience and co-
operation with Swedish biochemists
guarantees a high quality.


About Viveca Theresa Göcke
– founder of the Theresa method

In her early work as a skin herbalist and
therapist, she was a pioneer who early
understood the power in herbs, oils and
algae. The products’ purity and quality is
crucial for the final result.

Viveca surprises with her passion for a work which indicates genuine knowledge and experiences reflected in her skin care products. Her work technique and persistency requires several committed hours and thoroughness in order to examine and choose the best ecological gardens around the world and thereby find the purest and also unusual plants.
She knows she has succeeded every time someone tells her that the used product works and has improved the skin considerably.
The presence of herbs and sea plants is apparent in Viveca’s many products and for her, the herbs are like a symbol of balance as they are firmly rooted in the earth and sea. They react from the sun and represent the connection between earth, water, air, sun and movement. They give guidance for how we can find the answer to fresh skin.

The Theresa method is based upon
oriental and western tradition and
knowledge. An Ayurvedic holistic
philosophy conducted far above
traditional skin care.


Viveca says…

I put all the respect and feeling I
have in my relationship with nature
into my commitment for a more
genuine and healthier skin care.

During 45 years as a skin therapist and pioneer within the area herbal therapeutic skin care in Sweden, I have tried to find a way to help the skin’s own functions and achieve a healthier skin. I have now reached my goal.

In my profession I have during the years worked with several different compounds. I have tried several of them myself, especially when I was young and suffered from severe acne. It was however not until I was treated with herbs that any real improvement occurred.

This is why young people with skin problems have a special place in my heart. Their skin problems have been the driving power in my search and the result is the Theresa method.
Along the way, I have found solutions also for other skin problems and ageing skin.

The secret behind the Theresa method lies within the skin’s work methods. The result improves when less is added to the skin. Developing the Theresa method has given me the sense of mediating an important message from older days to the women of today. I hope the message has reached out.

Kind regards
Viveca Theresa Göcke.




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