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and sales contact:

Viveca Theresa Göcke
Mobile +46 76310 41 43


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We who work with Theresa,
have a holistic way of thinking
and are aware of the environ-
ment, the customers life style
as well as the skin’s own needs.


National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
USA Product Reviews
Product Reviewed - Face & Body, Sensitive Skin/
Day Care with Deep Sea Algae/ Island Moss.

”After the first application it was
pure heaven! It instantly soothes and
smoothes irritated skin.
I would not hesitate to use it on
even a newborn baby.”

Teshan Laucirica

Customer letters:

“After several years of use of so called acknowledged “exclusive” beauty products, I discovered at the age of 40, a truly exclusive Swedish product through LL Hudvård in Falköping, called Theresa. I started with their cleansing products and then added other products from the range gradually. Starting with a skin care series composed only by ingredients from the vegetable kingdom at an age when the ageing signs are starting to show in the face, proved to be the best I could give my skin. Theresa gives me a skin that is calm, soft and elastic and that reduces my ageing signs.“
“Face & Body Day Care – what more do you need? A fantastic emulsion for both face and body including hands and feet. It calms and adds moisture that makes the skin soft and elastic.”

Liselotte Svensson

“I have finally found what my skin needs – Theresa’s products! I have a very dry skin but the products really penetrate into the skin and leave it soft and elastic. It doesn’t leave and shiny surface. The products have a mild and pleasant scent. Wind & Winter is excellent now during the cold season!
It feels good to know that Theresa’s products are produced in such s small scale and I know that the range is based upon vast knowledge and experiences – all for the best of my skin!”

Eva-Britt Nordström

"I did receive the creams, sent u an email right
then to say thanks! I love them, so light and effective
Very good!! Thanks
Katia Guixà
Business Development Manager, Mallorca



Information and retailer
Theresa products,

Lena Larsson
Tel +46 51572 00 89
Mobile +46 70926 07 30

Authorized Skin therapist since 1980
Lena has worked with the Theresa
method since 2002.

Agent - Mallorca / Spain:

Anna Heuchenne Bauge
Tel +34 608 61 6655

Do you want to be a retailer?
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application to:


– Helps children in need within the Balearic Islands in Spain. Such children being homeless, orphaned, in care, abused, deprived, exploited, suffering from hunger and/or living in poverty, plus those children that are seriously ill or suffering from a life-threatening illness.
Contact details, e-mail info@fundacionjoyron,org,
telefon (0034)-608531211.

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