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Echinacea angustifolia

The Theresa method -
integrated skin care


The Theresa method’s philosophy is based upon a composition of modern western phytotherapy and 4500 year old knowledge, which is the products’ distinction.

The less you use of a Theresa composition, the more you activate
the skin’s natural cell function and renewal. This keeps the skin
strong and vital.

Aroma therapy – the most powerful form of
the plant’s substance in the Theresa products
fulfil the skin’s every need and penetrates easily into
the skin’s tissue.

Phytotherapy – handpicked plants from wild
nature and ecological gardens.

Theresa is produced in Sweden and is not tested on animals.

Ayurveda – the knowledge of life
A 4500 year old sophisticated healing system.


Tradition and proven

Many natural pharmaceuticals originate from an ancient tradition. This should be compared with pharmaceutical products that in general have been produced during this century. Still, the raw products for several modern pharmaceutical products are collected from the vegetable kingdom.

Substances familiar to the skin

The technique behind the production is based upon copying the skin’s own character and recognition. The ingredients in right combination and their antioxidant effect, repair the cell walls and delay the cells’ ageing.

The production of the extract requires long experience and professional skill. The experience is satisfactory through long traditional use within the folk medicine, sometimes during several thousand years.

Herbal therapy is today an acknowledged treatment form, the power is within the plants and not in synthetic industrial additives. Theresa uses the herbals’ healing ability and has created a modern skin care range.



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